Thursday, October 7, 2010


so even though i have not been posting lately I still "blog" I have been reading at two blogs a day....

they are my two favorites The Mormon Bachelorette and Another ordinary miracle! I also read others but these are two that i follow closely :) They are both an exciting read, the oridinary miracle is about this wonderful family who had a baby boy that was born 3 months early, he is a fighter they recently just found out he has a mass in one of his tiny little lungs, poor guy, he needs our prayers! The Mormon Bachelorette is AMAZING! i love the bachelor and i always wished they did "modest" things this has it all!! Aubrey (the bachelorette) just had her last date! now she picks 7 guys and her followers pick one more! Man some of those guys she dates are CRAZY but some are very romantic and can teach a few things to my husband ;)

check em' out!

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