Friday, August 27, 2010

Anabelle's first car ride!

So last week, Anabelle, myself and Jeff drove to Henderson. To Henderson from Reno, it's about a 7 1/2 hour drive (when Jeff drives). Anabelle hasn't really been in the car for a rode trip before besides bring her home from Cali, but i sat in the back seat with her. This time she would be on her own.
We put her stuff on the floor behind us and let her do whatever she wanted, mostly she would set under jeff's seat.

And sometimes, she would want to come up on my shoulder or Jeff's shoulder!

She mostly slept the entire time, which made her not sleep the whole night...

Lots to talk about!

So, I started school on monday! I am taking 6 classes this semester! One online at TMCC and 5 in class classes at the university! I am crazy i know! And another reason i am nuts. I managed to sign up for 3 classes in a row that are an hour and fifteen minutes each. Though, it wasn't that bad yesterday, I brought my own lunch to munch on so I wouldn't die of starvation. It was just hard to pay attention for so long. AND on some of those days more than one of my classes will have an Exam. Which means, I will have to take 2 exams right after each other :\

OH AND WORST news of all on final exam week. I have FOUR finals in ONE DAY! ONE DAY! seriously!!! I am so annoyed!

Even though i am annoyed at some things i think it will be a fun (and hard) semester!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

silly things Anabelle does

Anabelle makes us laugh ALL the time! A few days ago she was laying on my cell phone, using it as a pillow. So Jeff thought it'd be funny to call it! Well he did and it vibrated and she just jumped up a little and looked at it like "what in the world"! haha it was funny

She does this other thing, whenever we get on the floor she'll come over and play with us. Jeff was on the floor and she was in his face, she knocked off his glasses and then she grabbed them and ran off! She is so cute, so it's so hard to tell her no.

From the first day we brought Anabelle home, she has slept in our bed. At first we both did not want her to sleep with us until she was potty trained, we were going to have her sleep in her crate. Well she DOES NOT like her crate at all. So we let her sleep in her bed the first night right beside our bed and made it so she could only stay in our room just incase she got up to wonder around. She slept a little in there but she soon realized that we were on our bed and she was not. I was okay with it because i was so tired, and she wouldn't stop whining, because she wanted on the bed. She is to tiny to jump on the bed herself, so she whines for me to pick her up. Now she sleeps on our bed every night, which is now fine with us because she doesn't take up to much room and she'll either hold it in all night or she'll go potty on the potty pad. :) The littlest of things just make us so happy!

oh and she likes to sleep right by our faces, with her head on mine or Jeff's pillow.

Monday, August 9, 2010

our family of three!

So on June 10th 2010, our little Anabelle was born! We were able to bring her home on the 6th of August!

She makes us so happy! Since the 3 days that we brought her home, she had made us laugh so much.
- She loves to crawl on Jeff's face when he is on the floor.
- She barks at her brush for no reason at all! Which i think could help on win in America's Funniest home video's!
- She is just ADORABLE! in every way!
- When she does something wrong, she looks at you like she didn't do it.
- The way she bites her leash.
- The way she tries so hard to get on the couch, but can't always make it because she is just to tiny.
-The fact that she would rather sleep behind her bed, then in it!

After the day we brought her home we went to Petsmart and as soon as we walked in with her (she was in my arms) so many people came up to us to pet her! She is just to adorable to pass up!

She is only 2 months old so she doesn't know much yet, but she is so smart. Jeff and I couldn't be more proud when she goes potty on the pee pad or when she goes outside! Lately she barks or whines and looks around, which means she has to go potty!

She is so spoiled already, but we love her so much and are so happy with our family of three!