Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hand made gift exchange!

During the month of June I participated in a Hand made gift exchange hosted by Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous

It was so fun! You get assigned a partner and you make something for them and they make something for you! I was partnered with a Lady named Carol, I found out that her favorite colors were blue and green. So I made her a Blue pillow case with the letter 'C' on it, which was green. I also made a "c" key chain and I painted the letter 'C' for her to hang somewhere! I hope she likes it!

Monday, May 30, 2011

how to make a cute bow (+redesigning a shirt and some cute flowers!)

So I have been so busy with school and such but i made some time to do some cute crafts! The first ill talk about happened a while ago but i haven't had time to blog about it. Please excuse the lame mirror picture but I didn't have anyone to take it for me! :)

This is the final product cute right?
it all started with this shirt... see the stain? it's all over it.. thanks to my stupid dryer
Then i was going through my husbands drawers because they were over crowed with shirts he doesn't wear!! So i took the shirt below and cut it up!

and turned it into a shirt I wear often!! wooo!

Now to these flowers aren't they soooo cute? AND they are SOOO easy! There is an awesome tutorial on how to do it here!

And finally to the bows they are so easy!

1st. take two pieces of ribbon of the same size (any size you want) fold in half and hot glue!
put the pieces on each other (the glued sides on each other)
sorry this is sideways but now you take another piece of ribbon and put it under the bow then...
wrap it around and glue!
Then for the ends take 2 more pieces of ribbon cut the ends like a triangle and glue to the back of the ribbon.
to glue a clip. take ribbon, put it between ribbon and put glue on one side then push it down.
This is how it looks! I love it :)
go make some bows and send me pictures! they are so easy!

Monday, April 18, 2011


So i follow a lot of craft blogs... and they sometimes do giveaways. Where you have to follow their blog and comment and you will be in the running to win whatever they are giving away!!

Pocket full of Pink is hosting this giveaway!!! Tons of scrap book stuff! I hope i win!!! All you have to do is follow her blog and comment and you have a chance to win!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

another quicky craft!

Modge podge... heard of it? I have used it once... but it was a while ago but i had an idea.

2010 came and went... and I had an adorable butterfly calendar for that year! I love butterflies which is why I had a calendar of pictures of them. Well i threw away the calendar, but i cut out the butterflies because i thought i would scrap book them :)

Well i had a wonderful idea! mod podge the butterflies to wood... well i didn't have wood... and i didn't want to buy wood.. partly because i don't have anything to cut wood! But i was keeping an eye for some scrap wood... then i went to the dollar store and saw these!

I figured I could use the back of these! I would have used the front but it's not a flat surface... so I put some ribbon on the front of it so i could hang it up. Just some hot glue!

then I painted the backs according to the color of the butterfly
Then i glued on the butterfly in the center and brushed on modge podge

Then i waited for it to dry

I originally just did 4 but i liked them so much that i did 2 more :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

St. Patricks Day

I have been seeing some cute St. Patricks day craft... but I never really put up crafts for St. Patricks day so i wasn't really looking too hard for some crafts.
Though after seeing this...
I fell in love with it, it was just so cute and seemed simple, so i wanted to try it. I saw what Mandy did after she saw this wreath.
Cute right? Then i thought .... I could do a shamrock. So I cut a shamrock out of cardboard and put paper roses on it!

This is how it turned out, cute right? I love it!!!! I added a ribbon on top to hang it up and I plan to glue a bow on it to add a special touch. But seriously it's so easy! time consuming but easy! (it took like 3 days)

This is what you do... cut a circle. Then cut it into a spiral
Then you start from the outside and roll it
As you roll it will look more and more like a rose. Then you hot glue the end. EASY! and i only got 2 hot glue burns from this. ha.

AND THEN I saw this....
and I am glad that i did it the way i did! haha. This picture is from tissue paper. eh ill stick with regular paper. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What can be done with yarn?

So i have been dying to do this craft! Ever since i saw it i saved it as a bookmark because i just HAD to do it! This is called monogram wall art :)

This is what you need
This is a 2 x 2 wood from Lowes. I got it for $7.88, You also need nails, a hammer, spray paint, picture hanging hooks and 3 colors of yarn. I bought the spray paint at Lowes.

First you put the picture hangers on the back, we used two because it was heavy. We put one n each end (see picture above). Then you take a ruler and mark where you want your nails. You want to start the nails as close to the edge as possible with out splitting the wood. You start a nail about a cm or a little more than that from the edge then you measure every inch. I nailed before i painted. You only nail the outside of the square (see picture) Nails should be 1 inch apart or less. Then Spray paint or paint the wood. I spray painted it after I did the nails because I wanted the nails to blend end.

This is your next step, after the paint is dry of course. You start by tying your first color of yarn to a nail, then you just start wrapping it around the nails. Going back and fourth and sideways. You can do anything, you could have a pattern if you wanted too. Then you start a second color and wrap around the nails again. Some nails (well most nails) will be wrapped with yarn multiple times and thats okay.

Then after you think you have enough of the first 2 colors of yarn, you get the final color of yarn. this is for the letter. I used "N" for our last name. I cut out an "N" and centered it and hammered nails on the edges of the "N". Then i placed more nails around the whole "N". The more nails the better. Then you just tie off the yarn, then you go around the whole "N" to make the boarder. Then once you feel it's thick enough, you can start wrapping it and zig zagging to other nails!

This is the final product, pretty neat huh?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

zipper flower.

I saw this idea on craftaholics anonymous, I LOVE this blog. And I LOVE this idea. all you need is a zipper.. well and some other add ons if you want them (head band, hair clip, jewels).

I think these flowers are really cute! Isn't it cute? When i first did it, it looked horrible, then i realized i was doing it wrong. You hand sew or use a machine to sew a stitch at the bottom (personally i think hand sew would work best/easier). When you finish sewing it don't tie it off/backstitch pull the threads to it crinkles, then tie it off and just glue it in a circle. There is a better tutorial on Craftaholics anonymous.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

rolled fabric flowers

Do you have a ton of left over fabric from previous projects like i do? Well here is a great, fun, and easy way to use that fabric!

I found this idea from this lovely lady! All you need is a strip of fabric, any size, any length, though the wider the fabric the bigger and bulkier it will be.

If you click on that link she shows you how to do it, but she showed it way to fast for me and it took me a few tries to get it right so i am going to show you in pictures.

1. Get a strip of fabric, then tie a knot at the top like this.
2. see the very beginning of the strip right above the knot? push that down
3. Now take the tail and start twisting it. See the twist.
4. Now take that twist and wrap it around the knot, and keep doing that. Keep twisting and wrapping. once the flower gets to the size you want just just it and Glue it down.

5. Take a tiny piece of felt and glue it to the back of the flower
As you are twisting the tighter you twist makes a difference.
left: tight twisting Right: loose twisting. See the difference? I think i like the loose one better.
You can do all kinds of things with this you can put them on shirts, glue a clip to the felt and put it in your hair, make them a necklace, or make a hair piece out of it. All super cute ideas!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

feeling crafty

It's been a long time! I just kind of feel like i have no reason to blog... I don't have any kids and Jeff and I don't go out and do fun things all the time and i don't think anyone wants to hear about that anyway. Another reason it's hard to keep up with this thing is I feel that no one reads it... so what is the point? Oh well i guess i have some cute crafts I have done that i'd like to share!

This first craft I saw for sale and I thought o0ooo that looks easy i could do that! All you need is a onise in the correct size. And Some fabric. (and some sewing machine skills)I made these for my nephew.

Aren't these so cute! Little baby boys church clothes are so hard to come by so i thought these would make a great gift! I saw the tie idea but i made up the beau tie and it says "future Elder" on the side. You just pin them onto the onsie and then do a zig zag sew around the whole thing. You could hand sew this if you have the patience.

Next one i saw on a craft blog.
These are shower curtain holders. You know the things you put in the holes to go on the rod. These make great bracelets for little girls! They are too tiny for my wrists!

isn't this so cute! My niece will love these!
All you need is the shower curtain holders, ribbon and hot glue! Take the curtain holder and put some hot glue on the end then stick the ribbon on the glue then just wrap it around covering all of the plastic occasionally hot gluing it down.

ANOTHER cute craft!

have you seen these?
They are found in vaces and such... They make great necklaces! All you need is a bead, ribbon and scrap book paper and glue.

And look at those! cute huh!? What you do is find some adorable paper trace the bead to it and cut out the paper and glue it on the flat side of the bead. It magnifies it and makes it so cute! Then you can glue a Bail to it... I have not done these yet because mine have not come in mail yet. then you put ribbon through the bail and ta da an adorable hand made necklace!!! Also what you can do it make this magnets for your fridge!