Thursday, July 22, 2010

science experiments!

So i have a little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters. I hang out with her once a week. This week, we did some pretty cool science experiments.
First one we built a volcano! She was pretty excited about that one!
You can use baking soda and vinegar to make it explode.

After that we did a color wheel in Milk. It really didn't do much but she enjoy putting food coloring in the Milk.

After that, we tried to put an egg in a milk bottle. You have to soak the egg in Vinegar for 2 days, which i only soaked it in for 1 day. Then you boil the milk bottle, and put the egg on top of it and as the milk bottle cools the egg is supposed to fall in. Well it didn't work but we tried! haha

Then, we tried this thing with cornstarch and water! It was so cool you take 1 cup of cornstarch and 1/2 cup of water. So if you keep moving this it stays a solid but if you stop moving it, it becomes a liquid! It's honestly fun, kind of messy but easy to clean!

Then after that for the finale we did the coke bottle and mento's trick. If you put 6 - 8 mento's in a coke bottle it reacts and spits up. Well Jeff put the mento's in then Shake it, and threw it!
It was cool to watch.
In the little bottles you put 3 mentos in.

we had a lot of fun!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Anabelle Nicholson!

So yesterday the 11th of July we went to California and picked out our puppy! As previous post's stated we didn't get to see her until yesterday and then we will get to bring her home the first week of August!
This is Chloe, the momma with some of her puppies.

It was tough to chose her. When we got to Anabelle's home they were all out of their crate and playing and running around! They were all so tiny! I felt like i would brake them, well partly because I was walking around by them and they kept walking under our feet! There was 5 puppies, one was already purchased and 4 were left, 1 boy and 3 girls! We wanted a girl. We were stuck between the lightest of the puppies and the black and white one. The lightest one kept coming up to me and the black and white one kept going to Jeff! The solid black one (pictures in previous post's) was SOOO funny, he reminded me of my family dog, Scooter, he was the bully of the group because he was the biggest. I would have got him, but i REALLY wanted a girl. :)
The two we were deciding between.

So the black and white one came to our shirt that we brought, the owner asked us to bring a shirt with our smell on it so the puppy could get used to the smell and her momma's scent could be on it too.

So... we chose her. :)

AnaBelle Kate Nicholson at 5 weeks old

Isn't she just precious! we're beyond excited for her to come home and can't wait till August!

Friday, July 9, 2010

internet issues.

I never realized how much i depended on the internet, well i did but i didn't think it was a problem until now. Now that i don't have the internet and when i found out that i wouldn't have it i cried! To be fair the guy i was talking to was really being a big meany to me so thats why i cried too!

heres the story...

Thursday morning i woke up and was getting ready to check my email. Well we use At&t internet and quite often it gives me this error page saying At&t Gateway Error, or something like that. Well usually when this happens i just reload the page and hope that it will stop giving me an error because it's annoying like none other! So this i kept reloading the page, still kept giving me the error so i restarted my computer, didn't work, unplugged modem and plugged back in, didn't work, restarted modem NOTHING WORK!!! so i had no other option but to find the number for the at&t service number.. since i didn't have internet service to look it up and Jeff was in an interview so i couldn't ask him i was on my own.. I sent a text to facebook and told people my problem and a friend sent me the number! Well i also found the bill that had the number on it... i called it and this nice lady answered and we talked for a while and she was walking me through to this page to reset a password that will get it working again. Well she couldn't find our account so she transferred me to this MEAN guy... who found out that our account was CANCELLED!!!! did we cancel it? No we did not... a few days ago Jeff got a bill for our internet with our OLD address and OLD account on it, so Jeff called and got that fixed because we don't live there anymore we shouldn't pay that bill.. Well the guy Jeff talked to cancelled our new address instead of the old one because the addresses were switched, like our old address was with our new account which was a mistake from some worker guy. Well I said to this guy "so i did not want my internet cancelled but it was because someone made a mistake and now i have to wait a week for it to be turned back on" he said "mam' you gave us the wrong account number thats not our mistake" me: "sir I have the bill in front of me with my address on it and that is the account number i have gave you!" well he was just being a meany and i hung up because he wanted me to renew an account and i was in tears and couldn't contain my self so Jeff called back and talked to a nice lady she tried to get the internet to be turned on faster but she said dispatch was busy or something... it's just annoying because at&t has given us so many problems! why we stick with them? I don't know.. but if anything happens again we're going to someone new.

So now I'm sitting in a Cafe' listening to my husband play drums and sneaking internet (2 hours away from home by the way). I can't even get wifi at my house which is annoying, which leads me to the whole "relies on the internet WAY to much!"

side note this blog was not proof read do to the short time i had to write this!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

Hello all! how was your fourth of July?

our's was great! We went to Henderson, and hung out with my family.

we bought some fireworks! And set them off on our street. I was really shocked that Reno doesn't allow that!

Chloe's first sparkler! it took her a while to actually hold it but she finally did! :)
My mom and Jeff being silly with sparklers!