Wednesday, November 3, 2010


my pumpkin. Jeffs Pumpkin
mine at night
And Anabelle in a pumpkin :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


so even though i have not been posting lately I still "blog" I have been reading at two blogs a day....

they are my two favorites The Mormon Bachelorette and Another ordinary miracle! I also read others but these are two that i follow closely :) They are both an exciting read, the oridinary miracle is about this wonderful family who had a baby boy that was born 3 months early, he is a fighter they recently just found out he has a mass in one of his tiny little lungs, poor guy, he needs our prayers! The Mormon Bachelorette is AMAZING! i love the bachelor and i always wished they did "modest" things this has it all!! Aubrey (the bachelorette) just had her last date! now she picks 7 guys and her followers pick one more! Man some of those guys she dates are CRAZY but some are very romantic and can teach a few things to my husband ;)

check em' out!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Anabelle's first car ride!

So last week, Anabelle, myself and Jeff drove to Henderson. To Henderson from Reno, it's about a 7 1/2 hour drive (when Jeff drives). Anabelle hasn't really been in the car for a rode trip before besides bring her home from Cali, but i sat in the back seat with her. This time she would be on her own.
We put her stuff on the floor behind us and let her do whatever she wanted, mostly she would set under jeff's seat.

And sometimes, she would want to come up on my shoulder or Jeff's shoulder!

She mostly slept the entire time, which made her not sleep the whole night...

Lots to talk about!

So, I started school on monday! I am taking 6 classes this semester! One online at TMCC and 5 in class classes at the university! I am crazy i know! And another reason i am nuts. I managed to sign up for 3 classes in a row that are an hour and fifteen minutes each. Though, it wasn't that bad yesterday, I brought my own lunch to munch on so I wouldn't die of starvation. It was just hard to pay attention for so long. AND on some of those days more than one of my classes will have an Exam. Which means, I will have to take 2 exams right after each other :\

OH AND WORST news of all on final exam week. I have FOUR finals in ONE DAY! ONE DAY! seriously!!! I am so annoyed!

Even though i am annoyed at some things i think it will be a fun (and hard) semester!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

silly things Anabelle does

Anabelle makes us laugh ALL the time! A few days ago she was laying on my cell phone, using it as a pillow. So Jeff thought it'd be funny to call it! Well he did and it vibrated and she just jumped up a little and looked at it like "what in the world"! haha it was funny

She does this other thing, whenever we get on the floor she'll come over and play with us. Jeff was on the floor and she was in his face, she knocked off his glasses and then she grabbed them and ran off! She is so cute, so it's so hard to tell her no.

From the first day we brought Anabelle home, she has slept in our bed. At first we both did not want her to sleep with us until she was potty trained, we were going to have her sleep in her crate. Well she DOES NOT like her crate at all. So we let her sleep in her bed the first night right beside our bed and made it so she could only stay in our room just incase she got up to wonder around. She slept a little in there but she soon realized that we were on our bed and she was not. I was okay with it because i was so tired, and she wouldn't stop whining, because she wanted on the bed. She is to tiny to jump on the bed herself, so she whines for me to pick her up. Now she sleeps on our bed every night, which is now fine with us because she doesn't take up to much room and she'll either hold it in all night or she'll go potty on the potty pad. :) The littlest of things just make us so happy!

oh and she likes to sleep right by our faces, with her head on mine or Jeff's pillow.

Monday, August 9, 2010

our family of three!

So on June 10th 2010, our little Anabelle was born! We were able to bring her home on the 6th of August!

She makes us so happy! Since the 3 days that we brought her home, she had made us laugh so much.
- She loves to crawl on Jeff's face when he is on the floor.
- She barks at her brush for no reason at all! Which i think could help on win in America's Funniest home video's!
- She is just ADORABLE! in every way!
- When she does something wrong, she looks at you like she didn't do it.
- The way she bites her leash.
- The way she tries so hard to get on the couch, but can't always make it because she is just to tiny.
-The fact that she would rather sleep behind her bed, then in it!

After the day we brought her home we went to Petsmart and as soon as we walked in with her (she was in my arms) so many people came up to us to pet her! She is just to adorable to pass up!

She is only 2 months old so she doesn't know much yet, but she is so smart. Jeff and I couldn't be more proud when she goes potty on the pee pad or when she goes outside! Lately she barks or whines and looks around, which means she has to go potty!

She is so spoiled already, but we love her so much and are so happy with our family of three!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

science experiments!

So i have a little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters. I hang out with her once a week. This week, we did some pretty cool science experiments.
First one we built a volcano! She was pretty excited about that one!
You can use baking soda and vinegar to make it explode.

After that we did a color wheel in Milk. It really didn't do much but she enjoy putting food coloring in the Milk.

After that, we tried to put an egg in a milk bottle. You have to soak the egg in Vinegar for 2 days, which i only soaked it in for 1 day. Then you boil the milk bottle, and put the egg on top of it and as the milk bottle cools the egg is supposed to fall in. Well it didn't work but we tried! haha

Then, we tried this thing with cornstarch and water! It was so cool you take 1 cup of cornstarch and 1/2 cup of water. So if you keep moving this it stays a solid but if you stop moving it, it becomes a liquid! It's honestly fun, kind of messy but easy to clean!

Then after that for the finale we did the coke bottle and mento's trick. If you put 6 - 8 mento's in a coke bottle it reacts and spits up. Well Jeff put the mento's in then Shake it, and threw it!
It was cool to watch.
In the little bottles you put 3 mentos in.

we had a lot of fun!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Anabelle Nicholson!

So yesterday the 11th of July we went to California and picked out our puppy! As previous post's stated we didn't get to see her until yesterday and then we will get to bring her home the first week of August!
This is Chloe, the momma with some of her puppies.

It was tough to chose her. When we got to Anabelle's home they were all out of their crate and playing and running around! They were all so tiny! I felt like i would brake them, well partly because I was walking around by them and they kept walking under our feet! There was 5 puppies, one was already purchased and 4 were left, 1 boy and 3 girls! We wanted a girl. We were stuck between the lightest of the puppies and the black and white one. The lightest one kept coming up to me and the black and white one kept going to Jeff! The solid black one (pictures in previous post's) was SOOO funny, he reminded me of my family dog, Scooter, he was the bully of the group because he was the biggest. I would have got him, but i REALLY wanted a girl. :)
The two we were deciding between.

So the black and white one came to our shirt that we brought, the owner asked us to bring a shirt with our smell on it so the puppy could get used to the smell and her momma's scent could be on it too.

So... we chose her. :)

AnaBelle Kate Nicholson at 5 weeks old

Isn't she just precious! we're beyond excited for her to come home and can't wait till August!

Friday, July 9, 2010

internet issues.

I never realized how much i depended on the internet, well i did but i didn't think it was a problem until now. Now that i don't have the internet and when i found out that i wouldn't have it i cried! To be fair the guy i was talking to was really being a big meany to me so thats why i cried too!

heres the story...

Thursday morning i woke up and was getting ready to check my email. Well we use At&t internet and quite often it gives me this error page saying At&t Gateway Error, or something like that. Well usually when this happens i just reload the page and hope that it will stop giving me an error because it's annoying like none other! So this i kept reloading the page, still kept giving me the error so i restarted my computer, didn't work, unplugged modem and plugged back in, didn't work, restarted modem NOTHING WORK!!! so i had no other option but to find the number for the at&t service number.. since i didn't have internet service to look it up and Jeff was in an interview so i couldn't ask him i was on my own.. I sent a text to facebook and told people my problem and a friend sent me the number! Well i also found the bill that had the number on it... i called it and this nice lady answered and we talked for a while and she was walking me through to this page to reset a password that will get it working again. Well she couldn't find our account so she transferred me to this MEAN guy... who found out that our account was CANCELLED!!!! did we cancel it? No we did not... a few days ago Jeff got a bill for our internet with our OLD address and OLD account on it, so Jeff called and got that fixed because we don't live there anymore we shouldn't pay that bill.. Well the guy Jeff talked to cancelled our new address instead of the old one because the addresses were switched, like our old address was with our new account which was a mistake from some worker guy. Well I said to this guy "so i did not want my internet cancelled but it was because someone made a mistake and now i have to wait a week for it to be turned back on" he said "mam' you gave us the wrong account number thats not our mistake" me: "sir I have the bill in front of me with my address on it and that is the account number i have gave you!" well he was just being a meany and i hung up because he wanted me to renew an account and i was in tears and couldn't contain my self so Jeff called back and talked to a nice lady she tried to get the internet to be turned on faster but she said dispatch was busy or something... it's just annoying because at&t has given us so many problems! why we stick with them? I don't know.. but if anything happens again we're going to someone new.

So now I'm sitting in a Cafe' listening to my husband play drums and sneaking internet (2 hours away from home by the way). I can't even get wifi at my house which is annoying, which leads me to the whole "relies on the internet WAY to much!"

side note this blog was not proof read do to the short time i had to write this!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

Hello all! how was your fourth of July?

our's was great! We went to Henderson, and hung out with my family.

we bought some fireworks! And set them off on our street. I was really shocked that Reno doesn't allow that!

Chloe's first sparkler! it took her a while to actually hold it but she finally did! :)
My mom and Jeff being silly with sparklers!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New puppy!

So a few months ago we decided that we are going to get a puppy! I have been wanting one for a while and finally talked Jeff into it. :) We'll our puppy was born on June 12 along with 4 other siblings.

This is of the puppies the day after they were born with their mommy, Chloe!
And this is them almost a few weeks old. We still haven't picked which puppy we want yet, we get to do that soon, and then bring home the puppy the first week of August!

Aren't they just so adorable! They are cocka-poos (mix between cocker-spaniel and a poodle)! I am so excited for are new member of the family and can't wait to find out if we pick a boy or a girl ( I'm leaning more towards a girl) so i can buy cute stuff for him or her!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Last semester updates!

So.. today i went to the mail and i got a letter from the deans office from school which i thought was weird so i opened it as i was walking back in to the house...

well it turns out I got on the DEANS LIST!!!!

I was so excited when I found out! I didn't get straight A's so I thought it was weird.. but it says you only need a 3.65 Gpa or higher to get on the deans list!!! So i'm on the deans list for the college of Education, which means my name will be on the poster in the lobby in the education building! I'm excited about that because I always look at that list now I can look at it and look for MY name! YAY!

by the way... my smarter than me husband, never got on the deans list while he was in college, so it makes me feel just a Little smarter than him! haha he was very proud of me and I'm proud of myself.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

old times

So, just a bit ago Jeff showed me a video of him from 6 years ago! He was on the institute council for the University of Nevada, Reno institute. Every year they did a program and called it "Latter Day Night Live". The whole point was for people to make sketches or skits and act them out or have a movie of them. Well in 2004 his friend came up with an idea how some music kind of seems stalker-ish. You know like if you listen to the song lyrics they actually have a different meaning then people think. Well the idea was that this girl would be doing things around her house, outside, etc.. and music would be on and she would have a stalker. Example, the song, Invisible by Clay Akin was on and the stalker was trying to be invisible by hiding behind a potted plant and holding the plant in front of him. Well my husband was the stalker! He had long hair and a trench coat on! The hair was real, i knew he had long hair, but BOY was he different! I think if i would have meet him 6 years ago i would have ran away FAST! haha but I'm glad I ended up with him, he really has turned out to be an AMAZING man!
Of course the whole thing was an act, but it was just creepy and funny!

Hopefully i'll try to be able to post the video it's priceless!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Nv to Ut to Id to NV

Let me first start off by saying Jeff has never been to Utah! So this past week we drove through Salt Lake City to Bountiful Utah for my cousins wedding reception! My cousin Haley, wanted to get married in Utah, but she lives in Idaho, so after Utah we drove to Idaho!

Then in Idaho, she had another reception.

Jeff, Haley, her husband Jeremy and Me

Me, my sister and my mom and dad. I also have a brother but he didn't come do to football camp.

Jeff and I at her reception

My parents.

Me and Chloe, my niece.

Also in Idaho, I saw an old friend who i haven't seen in a long WHILE!

This is a picture of Jeff and i with her new baby boy Dorian! He is such a doll and she is such a good mommy! It was so great to catch up with her and see how she is doing!

As we were driving back to Nevada... I saw this sign

It's hard to see because i was trying to take it as we were driving 80 mph! but it says "Bridges may be icy when pavement is dry"
WHAT in the world does that mean! If the pavement is dry how can is be wet/icy? There wasn't just one of those signs there were 6 of them! so weird!

Also in Nevada, we stopped in Lovelock to lock our love. What you do is buy a lock and you can write your names on it and "lock your love". It was a really cute idea!

Our lock.
"Jeff & Megan est. 8-8-09"

Locking our love on June 13th 2010!


Of course we had to seal it with a kiss. :)

The End.