Monday, May 30, 2011

how to make a cute bow (+redesigning a shirt and some cute flowers!)

So I have been so busy with school and such but i made some time to do some cute crafts! The first ill talk about happened a while ago but i haven't had time to blog about it. Please excuse the lame mirror picture but I didn't have anyone to take it for me! :)

This is the final product cute right?
it all started with this shirt... see the stain? it's all over it.. thanks to my stupid dryer
Then i was going through my husbands drawers because they were over crowed with shirts he doesn't wear!! So i took the shirt below and cut it up!

and turned it into a shirt I wear often!! wooo!

Now to these flowers aren't they soooo cute? AND they are SOOO easy! There is an awesome tutorial on how to do it here!

And finally to the bows they are so easy!

1st. take two pieces of ribbon of the same size (any size you want) fold in half and hot glue!
put the pieces on each other (the glued sides on each other)
sorry this is sideways but now you take another piece of ribbon and put it under the bow then...
wrap it around and glue!
Then for the ends take 2 more pieces of ribbon cut the ends like a triangle and glue to the back of the ribbon.
to glue a clip. take ribbon, put it between ribbon and put glue on one side then push it down.
This is how it looks! I love it :)
go make some bows and send me pictures! they are so easy!

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