Friday, May 21, 2010


Let me start off by saying I'm allergic to cats.. which I'm fine with because i never really liked cats. Well a few months ago when my sister and her daughter came to visit, Chloe, my niece noticed a cat under the patio. Chloe fell in Love with the cat! Well a few weeks after that she came back.. so i gave her some tuna because i thought she was hungry! Then she came back the next day meowing for more tuna, so i gave her some. So Jeff and i came to the terms that we have a neighborhood cat. Well then Jeff bought her cat food.. and now she comes to our house pretty much every day. I do like her.. she is really cute and super friendly.. and I'd rather her be in my house then on the streets having the possibility of being hit by a car. However, she makes me sneeze frequently when she is here. AND she leaves balls of hair everywhere! so annoying! oh and she likes to eye my fish... She first noticed our fish a few days ago, she'll put her paws up on the fish stand. Every time she does that i spray her with a spray bottle.. hahaha! and she still hasn't got the concept of leaving them alone! She is cute though... but we are getting a puppy in August and if she doesn't get along with our puppy then she is out of here! (well hopefully, i think ill just make them get along)

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