Sunday, May 23, 2010

river jumpers

So Jeff and I try to go on a walk regularly. We went for one today to the Arboretum by our house, where we usually go. Well a couple of walks ago I noticed a trail that was sorta hidden, but as we went a long the trail we noticed a hight weeds and didn't really want to walk through them but we saw some people over on the other side of it so we knew that there was some other way to get over to the other side of this park, we just weren't sure how. We decided just to turn back from the trail and not worry about it. The next day we found the other side from a whole different path which was pretty cool.
Today we ended up back at the path that we turned back on.. and I said to Jeff I kind of think we should go through it.. he said okay. As we got closer we noticed a stream/river... and I was like those are pretty small we can jump those. So i'm walking closer to the stream and its just mush.. and my shoes just sink into the mud, but i jumped anyway. Then Jeff jumped. Then Jeff said there was another stream to cross... so i was thinking what's the point of turning back now. Jeff jumped first and as he landed, mud went into his shoe because he was sinking in so much.. as I'm watching this I seriously almost peed my pants because it was so funny. I didn't really want to jump because I didn't want mud in my shoe. So I'm on the side we're Jeff is not... so I'm walking around to see if there is a place that is a smaller jump so i won't have to step into water.. as I'm walking my shoe gets stuck in the mush and my foot slipped out of the shoe. So I'm like balancing on one foot hoping not to fall or get my foot all muddy. I finally jumped but i did get mud IN on my shoe :( Jeff was laughing at me because i kepy saying "ew ew ew ewwww". But guess what there was yet another stream to cross over... so we both jumped and that time it wasn't to bad... but we both had to walk all the way home with mud in our shoes. It was a funny and memorable adventure!


  1. Don't you just love being married! There are so many fun, silly memories to make together! :)

  2. I love your blog! I brought cookies over, but you weren't there! I should have called first! Oh well, I will get you one day!