Monday, July 12, 2010

Anabelle Nicholson!

So yesterday the 11th of July we went to California and picked out our puppy! As previous post's stated we didn't get to see her until yesterday and then we will get to bring her home the first week of August!
This is Chloe, the momma with some of her puppies.

It was tough to chose her. When we got to Anabelle's home they were all out of their crate and playing and running around! They were all so tiny! I felt like i would brake them, well partly because I was walking around by them and they kept walking under our feet! There was 5 puppies, one was already purchased and 4 were left, 1 boy and 3 girls! We wanted a girl. We were stuck between the lightest of the puppies and the black and white one. The lightest one kept coming up to me and the black and white one kept going to Jeff! The solid black one (pictures in previous post's) was SOOO funny, he reminded me of my family dog, Scooter, he was the bully of the group because he was the biggest. I would have got him, but i REALLY wanted a girl. :)
The two we were deciding between.

So the black and white one came to our shirt that we brought, the owner asked us to bring a shirt with our smell on it so the puppy could get used to the smell and her momma's scent could be on it too.

So... we chose her. :)

AnaBelle Kate Nicholson at 5 weeks old

Isn't she just precious! we're beyond excited for her to come home and can't wait till August!

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