Wednesday, February 16, 2011

feeling crafty

It's been a long time! I just kind of feel like i have no reason to blog... I don't have any kids and Jeff and I don't go out and do fun things all the time and i don't think anyone wants to hear about that anyway. Another reason it's hard to keep up with this thing is I feel that no one reads it... so what is the point? Oh well i guess i have some cute crafts I have done that i'd like to share!

This first craft I saw for sale and I thought o0ooo that looks easy i could do that! All you need is a onise in the correct size. And Some fabric. (and some sewing machine skills)I made these for my nephew.

Aren't these so cute! Little baby boys church clothes are so hard to come by so i thought these would make a great gift! I saw the tie idea but i made up the beau tie and it says "future Elder" on the side. You just pin them onto the onsie and then do a zig zag sew around the whole thing. You could hand sew this if you have the patience.

Next one i saw on a craft blog.
These are shower curtain holders. You know the things you put in the holes to go on the rod. These make great bracelets for little girls! They are too tiny for my wrists!

isn't this so cute! My niece will love these!
All you need is the shower curtain holders, ribbon and hot glue! Take the curtain holder and put some hot glue on the end then stick the ribbon on the glue then just wrap it around covering all of the plastic occasionally hot gluing it down.

ANOTHER cute craft!

have you seen these?
They are found in vaces and such... They make great necklaces! All you need is a bead, ribbon and scrap book paper and glue.

And look at those! cute huh!? What you do is find some adorable paper trace the bead to it and cut out the paper and glue it on the flat side of the bead. It magnifies it and makes it so cute! Then you can glue a Bail to it... I have not done these yet because mine have not come in mail yet. then you put ribbon through the bail and ta da an adorable hand made necklace!!! Also what you can do it make this magnets for your fridge!

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