Monday, March 7, 2011

St. Patricks Day

I have been seeing some cute St. Patricks day craft... but I never really put up crafts for St. Patricks day so i wasn't really looking too hard for some crafts.
Though after seeing this...
I fell in love with it, it was just so cute and seemed simple, so i wanted to try it. I saw what Mandy did after she saw this wreath.
Cute right? Then i thought .... I could do a shamrock. So I cut a shamrock out of cardboard and put paper roses on it!

This is how it turned out, cute right? I love it!!!! I added a ribbon on top to hang it up and I plan to glue a bow on it to add a special touch. But seriously it's so easy! time consuming but easy! (it took like 3 days)

This is what you do... cut a circle. Then cut it into a spiral
Then you start from the outside and roll it
As you roll it will look more and more like a rose. Then you hot glue the end. EASY! and i only got 2 hot glue burns from this. ha.

AND THEN I saw this....
and I am glad that i did it the way i did! haha. This picture is from tissue paper. eh ill stick with regular paper. :)

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