Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What can be done with yarn?

So i have been dying to do this craft! Ever since i saw it i saved it as a bookmark because i just HAD to do it! This is called monogram wall art :)

This is what you need
This is a 2 x 2 wood from Lowes. I got it for $7.88, You also need nails, a hammer, spray paint, picture hanging hooks and 3 colors of yarn. I bought the spray paint at Lowes.

First you put the picture hangers on the back, we used two because it was heavy. We put one n each end (see picture above). Then you take a ruler and mark where you want your nails. You want to start the nails as close to the edge as possible with out splitting the wood. You start a nail about a cm or a little more than that from the edge then you measure every inch. I nailed before i painted. You only nail the outside of the square (see picture) Nails should be 1 inch apart or less. Then Spray paint or paint the wood. I spray painted it after I did the nails because I wanted the nails to blend end.

This is your next step, after the paint is dry of course. You start by tying your first color of yarn to a nail, then you just start wrapping it around the nails. Going back and fourth and sideways. You can do anything, you could have a pattern if you wanted too. Then you start a second color and wrap around the nails again. Some nails (well most nails) will be wrapped with yarn multiple times and thats okay.

Then after you think you have enough of the first 2 colors of yarn, you get the final color of yarn. this is for the letter. I used "N" for our last name. I cut out an "N" and centered it and hammered nails on the edges of the "N". Then i placed more nails around the whole "N". The more nails the better. Then you just tie off the yarn, then you go around the whole "N" to make the boarder. Then once you feel it's thick enough, you can start wrapping it and zig zagging to other nails!

This is the final product, pretty neat huh?

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