Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So i've been out of school for a few weeks now, it feels weird because i have nothing to do. I applied for a few jobs but no one has called so, i just set at home and watch movies on netflix. So far i have watched an entire season of greys anatomy. I just get so bored. I NEED a life haha.
I try to find things to do to entertain myself... example's I made about 30 we moved cards, by hand, it only took me about 2 hours. I'm tired of cleaning so i always put that at the end of the list haha. When my sister finds out the sex of her baby i plan to make blankets for the little one!

We still have boxes everywhere from the move and i just don't have motivation to take the stuff out of the boxes ha!
-There is this one huge box in the kitchen that goes under the kitchen sink, it's all the cleaning products...
-I have two bags FULL of shoes that i have yet to put in my closet... why you ask.. well i can't stand to go in the closet it has this musty smell (there is a long story about that one. short version our closet has a trapped door to the basement below us, well a pipe burst and the tenants didn't tell the landlords for 6 weeks which created mold which created a smell, after we realized what the smell was we made sure the landlords got rid of that asap!) but i still don't want to go put all my shoes away.
-the guest room is a MESS! somehow everything just got placed there, the bed has a ton of boxes on it and other various things that need to be put up in the house.

at least the house is livable!

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