Friday, August 27, 2010

Lots to talk about!

So, I started school on monday! I am taking 6 classes this semester! One online at TMCC and 5 in class classes at the university! I am crazy i know! And another reason i am nuts. I managed to sign up for 3 classes in a row that are an hour and fifteen minutes each. Though, it wasn't that bad yesterday, I brought my own lunch to munch on so I wouldn't die of starvation. It was just hard to pay attention for so long. AND on some of those days more than one of my classes will have an Exam. Which means, I will have to take 2 exams right after each other :\

OH AND WORST news of all on final exam week. I have FOUR finals in ONE DAY! ONE DAY! seriously!!! I am so annoyed!

Even though i am annoyed at some things i think it will be a fun (and hard) semester!

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