Monday, August 9, 2010

our family of three!

So on June 10th 2010, our little Anabelle was born! We were able to bring her home on the 6th of August!

She makes us so happy! Since the 3 days that we brought her home, she had made us laugh so much.
- She loves to crawl on Jeff's face when he is on the floor.
- She barks at her brush for no reason at all! Which i think could help on win in America's Funniest home video's!
- She is just ADORABLE! in every way!
- When she does something wrong, she looks at you like she didn't do it.
- The way she bites her leash.
- The way she tries so hard to get on the couch, but can't always make it because she is just to tiny.
-The fact that she would rather sleep behind her bed, then in it!

After the day we brought her home we went to Petsmart and as soon as we walked in with her (she was in my arms) so many people came up to us to pet her! She is just to adorable to pass up!

She is only 2 months old so she doesn't know much yet, but she is so smart. Jeff and I couldn't be more proud when she goes potty on the pee pad or when she goes outside! Lately she barks or whines and looks around, which means she has to go potty!

She is so spoiled already, but we love her so much and are so happy with our family of three!

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