Saturday, August 14, 2010

silly things Anabelle does

Anabelle makes us laugh ALL the time! A few days ago she was laying on my cell phone, using it as a pillow. So Jeff thought it'd be funny to call it! Well he did and it vibrated and she just jumped up a little and looked at it like "what in the world"! haha it was funny

She does this other thing, whenever we get on the floor she'll come over and play with us. Jeff was on the floor and she was in his face, she knocked off his glasses and then she grabbed them and ran off! She is so cute, so it's so hard to tell her no.

From the first day we brought Anabelle home, she has slept in our bed. At first we both did not want her to sleep with us until she was potty trained, we were going to have her sleep in her crate. Well she DOES NOT like her crate at all. So we let her sleep in her bed the first night right beside our bed and made it so she could only stay in our room just incase she got up to wonder around. She slept a little in there but she soon realized that we were on our bed and she was not. I was okay with it because i was so tired, and she wouldn't stop whining, because she wanted on the bed. She is to tiny to jump on the bed herself, so she whines for me to pick her up. Now she sleeps on our bed every night, which is now fine with us because she doesn't take up to much room and she'll either hold it in all night or she'll go potty on the potty pad. :) The littlest of things just make us so happy!

oh and she likes to sleep right by our faces, with her head on mine or Jeff's pillow.

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  1. She is ADORABLE!! We knew you guys couldn't make her sleep in her crate...sounds like she knew it too. Personally, I think dogs do much better when they get to sleep with you. Of course that depends on the size of the dog. The only advice I can give you is to spoil her and watch the Dog Whisperer on Nat Geo if you can. You'll learn alot from him. Beyond that, you two will do great and Anabelle will live a long, happy life. We can't wait to meet her.
    Mom Mandy