Monday, June 14, 2010

Nv to Ut to Id to NV

Let me first start off by saying Jeff has never been to Utah! So this past week we drove through Salt Lake City to Bountiful Utah for my cousins wedding reception! My cousin Haley, wanted to get married in Utah, but she lives in Idaho, so after Utah we drove to Idaho!

Then in Idaho, she had another reception.

Jeff, Haley, her husband Jeremy and Me

Me, my sister and my mom and dad. I also have a brother but he didn't come do to football camp.

Jeff and I at her reception

My parents.

Me and Chloe, my niece.

Also in Idaho, I saw an old friend who i haven't seen in a long WHILE!

This is a picture of Jeff and i with her new baby boy Dorian! He is such a doll and she is such a good mommy! It was so great to catch up with her and see how she is doing!

As we were driving back to Nevada... I saw this sign

It's hard to see because i was trying to take it as we were driving 80 mph! but it says "Bridges may be icy when pavement is dry"
WHAT in the world does that mean! If the pavement is dry how can is be wet/icy? There wasn't just one of those signs there were 6 of them! so weird!

Also in Nevada, we stopped in Lovelock to lock our love. What you do is buy a lock and you can write your names on it and "lock your love". It was a really cute idea!

Our lock.
"Jeff & Megan est. 8-8-09"

Locking our love on June 13th 2010!


Of course we had to seal it with a kiss. :)

The End.


  1. Hey did you get your dress at down east?? It is way cute!! And that love lock thing is so cute!! I also have to say that Jeff never having been to Utah before is really awesome! Haha I tell ya he isn't missing much =].

  2. haha yes i did! I needed some cute dresses so right before sonic thats where we went!