Saturday, June 5, 2010

orange cone!

So Jeff and i were driving down our street and we see this orange cone (you know one of those tall orange cones for construction but no one was working on the rode some punk kids moved it there) in the middle of the road... we had to drive down the street and it was right in our path so Jeff says "open your door and knock it down" so i opened my door and it didn't knock down. So he reverses and makes it so the cone is on his side. He tried knocking it down. Failed! so he PICKS it up and starts driving with it and says "where should i put it" me: "laughing my head off i don't know" the he picks it up and puts in the car through the window. however the black bottom part of cone is sticking out the window, we looked like cone stealers! So we drive around the block with this huge cone in the car and dropped it off by our house.

My husband is a dork!

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