Thursday, June 24, 2010

old times

So, just a bit ago Jeff showed me a video of him from 6 years ago! He was on the institute council for the University of Nevada, Reno institute. Every year they did a program and called it "Latter Day Night Live". The whole point was for people to make sketches or skits and act them out or have a movie of them. Well in 2004 his friend came up with an idea how some music kind of seems stalker-ish. You know like if you listen to the song lyrics they actually have a different meaning then people think. Well the idea was that this girl would be doing things around her house, outside, etc.. and music would be on and she would have a stalker. Example, the song, Invisible by Clay Akin was on and the stalker was trying to be invisible by hiding behind a potted plant and holding the plant in front of him. Well my husband was the stalker! He had long hair and a trench coat on! The hair was real, i knew he had long hair, but BOY was he different! I think if i would have meet him 6 years ago i would have ran away FAST! haha but I'm glad I ended up with him, he really has turned out to be an AMAZING man!
Of course the whole thing was an act, but it was just creepy and funny!

Hopefully i'll try to be able to post the video it's priceless!

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